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I'm officially ending my campaign for the 2022 Governor's race, and refocusing on running next year in a recall election.

We're exiting this race because my main signature gatherer went rogue and demanded I support the Republican party.

I refused.

“F all politicians” includes their political parties, whether it’s the Democratic Party or Republican Party. I want no part of their political civil war.

I've accepted zero dollars in donations, and spent nothing on marketing. Our message has passed purely by word of mouth, with 20,000 website hits in about a month, monster Reddit threads about us, a writeup in Newsweek, and mentions in news publications and message boards across the world.

People have made TikToks about us, and added us to their social media stories. We've been talked about in classrooms, at work, and at the dinner table.

I've received messages of support from Democrats, Socialists, Republicans, Libertarians, people who have never voted, and people who stopped voting long ago. Many have joined the coalition and asked how they can help. Some have sent their ideas, and many have asked to learn more. If you've sent me a question, I've answered it. If you haven't received it, check your spam box.

Having to leave this race will only make me fight harder for our economic survival in California in the months and years to come. I believe we will find ourselves living in the same State of Crisis next year, which will make a 2023 recall inevitable. I'll be there when that day comes, and my message will be the same - F all politicians. Even now, my message gets stronger by the day because it is the message of the people.

We've already gotten a few write-in votes via mail-in ballots - your vote was not in vain.

Mariana Dawson for CA Governor in 2023, or whatever it takes.

F all politicians.

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