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Mariana Dawson
for California Governor 

Sue CA to Get Your Gas Taxes Back


Rent Increase Moratorium

Property Tax Increase Moratorium

Reduce Taxes, Fines & Fees


Pro Law Enforcement

Pro Self-Defense

Restore Gun Rights

Reinstate the Death Penalty


No on CRT

Student Debt Relief

Fire Insurance Relief

Move Homeless Encampments Outside of Cities

Find a Cure for Fentanyl Addiction

Pro Business

Break Up Monopolies

F All Politicians

F All politicians
YOU ALREADY know who's gonna win this year, which means nothing will change
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֎ Housing Solutions

California real estate has become a global investment opportunity to some, but to others, we live with the reality that relentlessly rising rents and housing costs will soon force us out of our homes.


Please note that I used the word “will” and not “may,” because it’s just a matter of time, and we don’t have that long.


As Governor, I will do everything in my power to make housing more affordable for California workers and residents, starting with the following emergency actions:


  • Immediate moratorium on rent increases while we pursue long-term solutions that make living in California less of a cost burden, especially for our working class and fixed income residents.

  • Immediate moratorium on property tax increases while we work towards diminishing tax burdens for residential and commercial property owners.

  • For rural home owners who are at risk of being driven from their homes due to spiraling fire insurance costs, I will seek immediate financial assistance.


  • A special commission to find and execute on solutions for housing affordability

֎ Economic Reforms


California’s current economic practices work to actively diminish the quality of life for our state’s workers, residents and businesses. As Governor, I would seek the following:


  • Immediate and significant reduction of parking and traffic ticket fines and fees, which are excessively punitive, and economically devastating for many Californians.


  • Immediate reduction of car registration fees, and taxes and fees on gasoline, for all Californians.


  • As Governor, I will work with entrepreneurs, domestic businesses, unions, individuals, and companies to build California back as an economy that does not depend on multibillion-dollar corporations and monopolies to thrive. As part of this effort, I will work toward breaking up monopolies, building up domestic enterprises, leveling the playing field for our small and medium sized businesses, and lowering taxes for all Californians.


֎ Basic Safety Protections

There are people in our State who are scared to defend themselves for fear of the legal repercussions. With recognition that personal safety is essential to the harmony of life, as Governor I would seek the following:


  • The introduction of an Elderly Safety Law mandating 15 years in prison with no parole for unprovoked attacks on our elderly.

  • Support for residents and businesses to sue their cities and counties if they show negligence in protecting Californians from violence.


  • Full State support for the self-defense of all victims of unprovoked attacks. If you are the victim of an unprovoked attack and need to defend yourself, I as Governor will do whatever is in my power to ensure you are shielded from prosecution, charges, and legal costs.


֎ Student Debt Solutions

Due to what I and many others believe to be asymmetric practices and contracts in student lending, as Governor I would seek the following:


  • State purchase of all outstanding loans originated from California colleges, universities, vocational schools, and other higher learning centers. A maximum monthly payment of 5% of borrower net income, with no payments due if you are not employed, and no negative amortization during unemployment periods. I will seek this only as immediate relief until we successfully achieve the full cancellation of such debts.


  • Total removal of current outstanding student loan data from credit reports, immediately, retroactively, and with no limit to the look-back period.

  • State-guaranteed home loans to all students with formerly ruined credit to enable you to purchase any home you can prove your financial ability to afford, within any part of mainland USA.

  • The establishment of an agency that works to reinstate dignity for people who have had to live as second-rate citizens and hide their identity because of student loans. Our efforts will include countering the burdens, liens, financial stigmas, and economic distress people have experienced due to lost productive years within asymmetric contracts, and restoring them as first-rate citizens.


֎ Homelessness 

            Emergency Measures

Part of governing is making tough calls and acting on those calls. The fact that our homeless community is suffering from inhumane and unsanitary conditions in their encampments cannot be ignored.


Neither can we ignore the fact that exposure to drug use, violence, and public defecation is affecting the mental health of housed Californians, causing many to fear for their health and safety.


As Governor, I would seek the following relief for the benefit of our homeless and our housed communities:


  • The immediate commission of a permanent Fentanyl antidote/remedy. A large part of our homeless population is addicted to a drug that is stronger than any drug any society has ever encountered in history. Stereotypical assistance programs are not equipped to handle what is effectively a chemical attack on our residents. New thinking and new solutions are required to help addicts and their families.

  • The relocation of encampments away from cities, where shelter, clothing, food, basic hygiene services, medical services, counseling services, state IDs, postal addresses, email addresses, transportation to/from work/school, and security will be provided.

These full-service encampments will be of a temporary nature while we coordinate long term support solutions tailored to the specific needs of those we assist, which we expect to include groups such as families, individuals without addictions or mental illness, individuals with mental illness and no drug addictions, individuals with drug addictions who seek rehab, and individuals with drug addictions who do not seek rehab. Full-service encampments which do not restrict drug use will be established separately from those that do.


Residents of the encampments will be free to leave at any time to seek shelter among friends, family, or existing shelters, but they may not camp in public. Anyone leaving to camp in public will have the option to leave the state or be detained in a full-service encampment for five days, but not charged with a crime. Subsequent attempts to camp in public will be handled the same way, with 10 days for the second attempt, 30 days for the third attempt, and 60 days for each attempt thereafter, with no charges made.

The full-service encampments will be open to volunteers, including those who have overcome homelessness and have a desire to help.

  • The creation of a central command to facilitate coordination among existing shelters, rehab centers, advocacy groups, counselors, and veterans’ associations throughout the state.

  • Establishment of an agency that works to offer a clean start to formerly homeless residents, with solutions that address stigmas, and financial needs and barriers.


֎ Additional Actions

  • With support and appreciation for our armed forces, I will seek the removal of military bases and nuclear sites from our state, as they put California and its dense population at risk and make our state a target in the event of world war. I will pursue measures to declare California a nuclear free zone.

  • California is an historically immigration-friendly state. It is not, however, sufficiently equipped or prepared to handle a significant increase in border crossings. As Governor, I will immediately, and on an emergency basis, pursue federal funding to strengthen our supply chains, get ahead of supply shortages, address impending immigration-related housing and services issues, and counter the impact to our current residents, many of whom are already in need of services themselves.

  • (Updated May 09, 2022) As Governor, I will support and work to restore public workers who are doxed, harassed, or fired for expressing their views on CRT.  In the past I have stated that such support would be offered to those who held opposing views since they were the only ones at risk. In light of my proposal to restart discussions from scratch, I hereby update my position to extend support to public workers whether they are for or against CRT. My support for its removal from our public schools has not changed. Click here to learn why I say No to CRT.

  • More to come. This is an abstract, and this abstract will evolve. Unless noted otherwise, the above was Last Updated June 29, 2021.


֎ About Me

Mariana Dawson

I am a self-made woman of mixed heritage – half Creole, half Salvadorean – who has worked across a full spectrum of California jobs, from low wage worker to C-level executive. I have no political resume or affiliations. I have lived in the city, and in a rural community. I am not a millionaire. I value success and successful people, but do not support corporate monopolies.

I am one Californian ready to take a stand and work toward solutions that are doable and that prioritize harmony of life for everyday people in our state. Winning means real help is coming. And losing will only make me fight harder for my economic existence, and my ability to stay in the state I love.

There are others like me who are ready to help, and, win or lose, here we come.

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