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Many have reached out to ask why I am against Critical Race Theory. As you may have read, I’m half Salvadorean and half Creole (Black, French, Native American+).

My overall view on CRT is this -

Democrats and Republicans are in the midst of a political civil war, and it is dividing our country. CRT is a political tool used by democrats in this war. I want no part of either side. “F all politicians” includes their political parties as well.

As a byproduct of their political civil war, my White family and friends are being called racist, and my Latino family and friends - which make up a vast percentage of this state - are structurally excluded and ignored.

My crew is predominately Latino, and this is the group I am representing on the issue. My stance is that we were excluded from full participation in the development of thought systems and teachings such as structural racism, CRT, and the like.

Had we been properly represented, and if Critical Race Theory was fully informed, California would be giving restitution and reparations to indigenous and Latino people first and foremost.

Those I represent want a place at the table where conversations are held, decisions are made, laws are passed, and reparations are issued. And we want to start from scratch. So, I'm calling for a full stop on all systemic racism & CRT-type teachings, as well as reparations discussions and payouts, until we are at the table. WE WANT IN.

I expect all States that were once part of Mexico to be included in this, because this is a national conversation that needs to happen.

Once our discussions are complete, we can then bring it to a vote and let the people of California decide. The people. Not the politicians and their corporate donor influencers. We will never trust them again.

Mariana Dawson

F all politicians.

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