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We Live in a State of Crisis

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

To the people of California,

My name is Mariana Dawson. I have lived in California all my life, and for the last few years, I have watched it turn into a State of Crisis. I am running for governor because unless we take action to stop them, the government of California will continue to impose crisis after crisis on us, year after year.

I am calling for the following, for the residents of California:

- a rent increase moratorium, to end the Ever-Increasing High Rents Crisis,

- the clearing of fire hazards from our land, to end the annual Fire Crisis,

- more water storage, to end the Water Crisis,

- the building of power plants, to end the Electricity Crisis,

- a statewide tax increase moratorium and the reduction of traffic ticket fines and fees, to end the Tax-You-Till-You-Have-to-Leave-the-State Crisis,

- the enforcement of our laws, to end Attacks on Residents and Businesses,

- coordination among our homeless service providers, advocates, and volunteers, to end the Homeless Crisis,

- a cure for Fentanyl addiction to end our Fentanyl Crisis,

- the relocation of unsheltered drug users outside of our cities, to end the Public Health and Safety Crisis,

- the removal of criminals from our streets, to protect innocent bystanders from shoot-outs, before that too becomes a crisis.

We live in a State of Crisis. And one of the biggest crises we face is the cost of living here. Unless we change it, California will soon be a for-the-rich-only state, where our land is owned by corporations and non-residents from around the world, and our workers, retirees, and businesses will become economic exiles.

If you are a renter, sooner or later you will have to move to a new home, and, on that day, it may cost you $1,000 more per month in rent. Nobody is going to help you when that day comes, and be assured that day is coming for you. There is no escape for renters - the Cost of Living Crisis is heading towards catastrophe.

As you read or hear this, the California government is working on new ways of raising your taxes and collecting new fees from you.

I am calling for an end to all increases in fees and lower gas taxes because we must stop hurting the working poor.

If you are rich, the California government is working on new ways to tax your wealth, and you too are headed for economic exile.

All Californians are being economically strangled by the continuously increasing cost of living in California.

Right now, it’s tens of thousands of our workers, renters, retirees, and businesses who are being exiled and eliminated from the California Dream, but soon there will be millions of people forced to leave the state, unable to afford the increasing rents, increasing hidden taxes, and increasing costs of living.

In ancient times, the word “crisis” was used to describe a decisive stage in a time of illness – when the disease either took a fatal turn or the person began recovering. In our State of Crisis, we can choose to continue on course towards economic exile and catastrophe, or we can take action to save ourselves. I choose to stand and fight.

If I win, good changes are coming. If I lose, my economic existence in California is at risk, so losing is not an option. I will immediately start or join the next gubernatorial recall effort, run for governor next year, and work on building a coalition to end our constant crises.

Win or lose, I am asking for your vote and your help in reaching others.

Win or lose, here we come.

Mariana Dawson

Running for California Governor in 2022

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